Cocoa, known for its popularity among chocolate lovers and as a favourite drink, has not yet reached its full potential. Currently, the yield of cocoa production is only around 50% of what it could be, largely due to various agrotechnical failures. This has led to the communities that grow cocoa struggling to survive. However, given the indispensability of chocolate in our world, cocoa has the potential to provide a significant source of income for many families, especially in challenging geographical areas.

Our expertise in cocoa cultivation is based on over 30 years of practical experience and extensive data gathered from regions such as South America, Africa, and India. We have developed new techniques for irrigation and fertigation, plant protection, post-harvest practices, and more. Our latest publication encompasses all the agrotechnical data and serves as a comprehensive guide for cocoa growers. It takes into account the business aspects of cocoa production and covers all the essential elements of cocoa trade.

In addition to our focus on cocoa cultivation, Yair, the author of the publication, is also known for his work in related fields. He has written a children’s book about chocolate and serves as a keynote speaker at global events relevant to the cocoa industry.

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