Innovative Garlic

For over 30 years, we have dedicated ourselves to the cultivation of new and innovative garlic varieties, driven by our vision to transform garlic from a mere spice into a versatile vegetable. Our focus has been on improving the yield and productivity of garlic through careful selection, breeding, and agronomic practices.

Through extensive research and development, we have successfully introduced new garlic varieties that offer enhanced flavor profiles, larger bulb sizes, and improved nutritional content. By prioritizing these qualities, we aim to elevate garlic’s culinary versatility, making it a delightful and nutritious addition to a wide range of dishes.

In our quest for higher yield and productivity, we have implemented cutting-edge farming techniques and technologies. This includes optimizing soil fertility, fine-tuning irrigation practices, and adopting precision agriculture methods to ensure optimal growing conditions for our garlic crops. Our team of experienced agronomists and garlic specialists work closely with farmers, sharing our knowledge and providing tailored recommendations to maximize yields while maintaining product quality.

By continuously pushing the boundaries of garlic cultivation, we strive to unlock its full potential as a vegetable crop. Our commitment to innovation, combined with decades of expertise, positions us at the forefront of the garlic industry. We take pride in our role as pioneers in transforming garlic, providing farmers and consumers alike with superior varieties that offer exceptional flavor, nutritional value, and culinary possibilities.

Bulbs can reach 0.5Kg each, offers a delicate and unique aroma, is the choice of enthusiastic chefs, who use it for cooking and baking. Can be stored for 9 months and has proven resistance to diseases and insects, including nematodes.
Medium to big bulbs, offer a strong and unique aroma, and is perfect for salad and fresh use. Under Israeli climate the bulbs are ready as early as March and can be stored for 7 months.
Delicate medium size bulbs, best for green salads pickles. Proven resistance to nematodes.
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