Olive oil

As passionate farmers, we take great pride in nurturing our boutique olive plantation, where we produce a distinctive and high-quality olive oil exclusively for our discerning clients. Our plantation holds a special place in our hearts as it is deeply rooted in our family heritage, serving as a tribute to the legacy of Menachem and Zipke Shmueli.

With meticulous care and attention, we cultivate our olive trees, ensuring they thrive in the optimal Mediterranean climate and rich soil. Our commitment to quality begins with the careful selection of olive varieties known for their exceptional flavor and aroma. We employ sustainable farming practices, respecting the land and preserving its natural resources, resulting in a product that embodies our deep respect for the environment.

At the heart of our operation is the art of olive oil production. We combine traditional methods with modern techniques to extract the oil from our carefully harvested olives. The olives are cold-pressed shortly after picking, preserving their natural flavors and nutritional properties. The result is an exquisite olive oil with a smooth, well-balanced taste that captures the essence of our plantation.

Our dedication to quality extends beyond the grove to the entire production process. From harvest to bottling, every step is carried out with utmost care to maintain the purity and integrity of our olive oil. Each bottle represents the culmination of our passion and expertise, ensuring that our selected clients can experience the exceptional taste and health benefits of our olive oil.

We invite you to join us on a journey of sensory delight and explore the distinctive flavors of our boutique olive oil. With each bottle, you not only savor the remarkable taste but also become a part of our family legacy, preserving the memory of Menachem and Zipke Shmueli and their deep-rooted connection to the land.

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